City’s Turn To Redistrict. Empower your NC’s!

City mapThe “Citywide Map – Neighborhood Councils IntactBarry Johnson” map is by far the best of the 38 city redistricting maps published on the redistricting web site to date.

The proposed Neighborhood Councils Intact map does several things:

  • The map preserves your neighborhood council boundaries which are truly “communities of interest”,
  • The map decentralizes council boundaries away from downtown Los Angeles which will place more emphasis on communities rather than downtown,
  • The map proposes districts that are truly compact,
  • It avoids the kind of gerrymandering examples you see in most of the other maps that quite literally ‘squeeze’ down boundaries between distinct and widely separated districts down to the width of a single street in many of the districts.

The Neighborhood Councils Intact map recognizes that all the hard work in recognizing communities of interests that has already been done by the Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils back in 2000 and applied by the city’s residents as they painstakingly drew up their own boundaries and applied for neighborhood council recognition.

We should all email to support it.

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